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Every project has to have a mission, a goal, a direction. The reason we do it, wake up early and commit to it. Something that inspire you to become whatever you want to be. The thing you keep in mind when things aren't going your way. The mantra that keeps repeating in your head when it all feels hard. Whatever it is, it has the power to cross any self imposed limits. Find yours and use it. If you struggle with the concept, talk to us and we'll help you getting one.
Majority of people that come our way, is through word of mouth. So it only makes sense you hear other people saying why they have chosen us and what changes they have experienced since.
Like in many aspects of life, being connected to your roots should be the base to grow and flourish, rather than keeping you stuck in the same spot. I'd like to think that this fitness and wellbeing journey, is a direct by product of previous experiences, enriched with unlikely interactions here, there and everywhere. The exciting thing is not what we've learnt so far, but how we use that knowledge to become our better versions.
Keeping up to date with the latest events in the health and fitness industry presents an interesting challenge. With so many newest trends, miracle programs, fashionable names and fancy equipment popping on a daily base, it is essencial to have an open mind to embrace real progress whilst remaining critical of jumping on the wagon of clich├ęs and gimmicks. We aim for a better outcome. In a nutshell: No nonsense, science based training and body fine tuning methods, touching base on all elements to reach our optimal version. It's all about getting the balance sorted.

Welcome to DIEGO - Health & Fitness services Tauranga

Fitness classes in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Te Puna and Omokoroa.

High intensity bodyweight training, outdoor boot camps, kettle bell training, suspension and rip training (first studio in NZ), rehab, core and muscular release sessions, corporate private classes, personal training.

We offer the best sports massage and therapeutic massage in Tauranga!

Physiotherapy, nutrition and life coaching available on-site with some of the most talented local health practitioners.

Directed by fitness coach and sports therapist Diego Rosenberg. Diego has 15+ years of National and International experience in the health and fitness industry. Olympic level qualified in neuromuscular, deep tissue, manipulation techniques and advanced sports massage and a proven track of remarkable body transformations and athletes conditioning.

Get in touch and book your FREE FITNESS TRAINING WEEK. All Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Te Puna and Omokoroa fitness classes included.

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